civil litigation

Civil Litigation

We at Martin Foldie Law Attorneys are specially trained to meet your civil litigation needs. We are dedicated to fight for you. We pride ourselves in our ability to negotiate and advocate for your needs. Our attorneys are committed to getting you the best result and working hard to ensure that happens.  

Litigation Court Process

The court process can be broken up into several stages, each of which plays an important role in receiving the best possible outcome. Depending on the client’s unique situation, not every stage is utlized.  



As the priliminary stage, the investigation is preformed by the litigation attorny in order to see if there is enough evidence to make or defend against a case. The type of evidence varies and can include speaking to witnesses, interviewing the client, gathering documents, and investigate the dispute.  



In this stage, the initial pleadings are drafted by your attorny. This is the basic outline for the attorneys to plan what information to strike, ammend, or change venues and possible motions. In addition, the attorneys will formulate their arguments and create responses to any allegations that might occur.  



The discovery stage is the longest stage of the litigation process. While the investigation stage allowed the attorneys to gather information, the discovery stage provides a more in-depth look at the case. This includes interrigation, request for admission, and exaimining the physical evidence. The discovery process allows attorneys to identify any issues before the trial.  


Pretrial Proceedings 

The pre-trail proceedings are an important step when moving forward with your litigation court case. Attorneys continue to examine evidence and finalize their arguments, process, and motions that were outlined in the pleadings stage.  




Once all the evidence has been gathered and your case is formulated, the next stage can go one of two ways.  
  • Trial 
  • By proceeding directly to trial, your attorney will be working diligently over the next fews days perfecting their argument and working to win your case. During the trial, your attorney will present your case to a judge and jury, who will then dictate the outcome. 
  • Settlement 
  • It is possible to reach a conclusion without going to trial. With the settlement options, both parties agree to avoid court and settle the matter with their attorneys in various negotiations and mediations.  


If the trial did not go as expected, it is possible to appeal the decision. Your attorney will work to craft new post-trial appeal arguments, evidence, and motions before the appeal court date.  

Types of Civil Litigation

There are several different types of litigations that Martin Foldie Law has mastered. With our years of dedication and service, we work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you.  
  • Anti-Trust  
  • Construction Liability 
  • Divorce Lawsuits 
  • Environmental Disputes 
  • Intellectual Property Disputes 
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes 
  • Medical Malpractice Claims 
  • Personal Injury Claims 
  • Product Liability Lawsuits 
  • Real Estate Lawsuits 
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims




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